150 tons per hour perlite sand production line equipment configuration

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150 tons per hour perlite sand production line equipment configuration
perlite sand production line equipment configuration
Perlite is what?

The acidic lava perlite is a volcanic eruption, after a period of rapid cooling of vitreous rocks, named because of its pearl fissure structure. Perlite ore include perlite, obsidian rock and turpentine. The difference between the three perlite with circular arc cracks formed by the condensation effect, says the pearlite structure, water content of 2 ~ 6%; Pitching stone has a unique resin gloss, water content of 6 ~ 10%; Black obsidian with vitreous luster with conchoidal fracture, generally less than 2% moisture content.

System of pearlite sand production line equipment usage is introduced:

Whether it is used in highway asphalt concrete pavement SMA or Super pave hawks pavement technology, both grain shape, gradation of aggregate proposed high requirement, especially the needle flake content in the perlite, basalt, previous reaction type crushing processing technology can not meet the requirements, therefore my company launched can well meet the requirements of pavement VI series vertical impact crusher, stone crushing plastic and screening process, produced by the process line constitution aggregate in shenyang – dalian highway SMA pavement has been widely applied, and the test of history.
perlite sand production line equipment configuration
Pearlite sand making production line features:

Product quality excellent price, the needle flake content is less than 5%. Hubei back – breaking technology on perlite ore, its product the needle flake content more than 10%, the product sales is not good, use VSI series vertical impact after technical innovation of sand making machine, product the needle flake content reduced to 4.7%. Counterattack crusher and used solely as the final crushing process, compared to the process line of production increased by 50%. As the counterattack crusher used as secondary crushing, and vertical impact crusher metal consumption very few, therefore, the whole process, the consumption of wearing parts has dramatically reduced.

When producing 150 tons of pearlite sand making production line working principle:

First of all, the pearlite by feeder into the jaw crusher preliminary broken, after crushing of the material by the spray device on the vibrating screen cleaning materials, less than 5 mm after the material into the sand washer to wash the sand sand become finished product; Greater than 5 mm material by belt conveyor into the impactor system sand machine is broken again, after the broken part material directly into the sand of vibrating screen for screening out less than 5 mm, the other part of material entering the system sand machine was broken again, after system sand machine broken material vibrating screen for screening, into the greater than 5 mm material and back again system sand sand making machine, until up to the standard.

Perlite production line complete set of equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact type sand making machine, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine and other equipment.

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