Bentonite Processing Equipment

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Bentonite Processing Equipment
Bentonite is the most commonly used processing equipment pendulum mill, and its specifications are 3R, 4R, 5R, 6R and the like. In addition, when modified bentonite , also often used wheel mill , grind mix screw extruder , extrusion equipment, drying time will be used bentonite dryer , the following are some common bentonite processing:
Bentonite Processing Equipment
First, artificial sodium calcium bentonite process generally: calcium-based soil crushing ore → → adding sodium carbonate ( wet still need to add water ) → → rotary kiln dried mixed squeeze → → Pendulum Grinder mill air classifier → Na- earth products. Ore from the mine directly to the drying fields after harvest to dry naturally , so the moisture ore dropped from an average of 31% to 15% . After drying semi bentonite grinding dried before grinding or direct . Grinding fineness of 200 mesh and 100, 150 respectively , after drying drying reduces the moisture content below 12% after the packaging factory. The major products for the foundry , pellets, drilling mud .

Second, the active ( acidic ) clay machining processes generally: Bentonite → crushing → ​​adding hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid ( wet need to add water and dispersants ) → stir mixed squeeze → → → bentonite heated air dryer air classifier mill → → save. Sodium bentonite to produce strong bleaching, filtering speed, activated clay with low oil known . First artificial bentonite ore crushing , bound impurities stones, with a pass into the hot side of Raymond milling grinding dry. Bentonite powder grinding products as part of the sale , and the other part into the activated clay production lines, mainly deep-processing product variety , activated clay for moving purposes , vegetable and mineral oils bleaching, purification .

Third, the general process for organic bentonite processing : ore crushing → ​​dispersion → → → purification modifications plus ammonium cover → rinsing → ​​→ → drying → ​​crush → dehydration package .

Bentonite soil is not the same in different regions , so that the use of bentonite are not the same , not the same process , analyze specific issues , consult the bentonite and bentonite processing technology and processing equipment , please contact us.

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