Feldspar mineral processing equipment

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Feldspar mineral processing equipment
Orthoclase feldspar also known , is a silicate mineral of potassium, aluminum and other components . Chemical composition KAISi8O8, containing 16.9% potassium hydroxide , 18.4% aluminum oxide , 64.7% silica . So feldspar mineral processing equipment and processing equipment are common feldspar , potassium feldspar mineral processing equipment ( orthoclase processing equipment ) including PE jaw crusher , ball mill, spiral chute , shaking , iron magnetic separator, flotation machine and so on.

Feldspar mineral processing equipment ( orthoclase mineral processing equipment ) process is as follows :
Feldspar mineral processing equipment
1 Broken : First chunk of potassium feldspar ( orthoclase ) with PE crusher for crushing .

2 milling : The crushed feldspar ( orthoclase ) ball milled with a ball mill .

3 wash mud : 20-200 purpose powder material into the spiral chute, sorting separation elect sediment ;

4 Sorting : After sorting the materials into the shaker to remove sediment , wash out ferric oxide ;

5 Picks : The ferric oxide to remove the material into a strong magnetic machine selection , elected iron, mica material , and the material is fed into an ordinary magnetic separator machine , sorting again ; Note: Currently the use of magnetic in addition to the sorting machine feldspar feldspar mine iron is not suitable for all current flotation process has been widely used.

6 Purification : The re-election after general elections and materials into high-frequency vibration sieve screening, excluding material powder in the ferric oxide and iron oxide , potassium feldspar powder obtained ;

7 concentrates acid : sulfuric acid as the acid agent, the blending amount of the concentration of iron and potassium feldspar powder acid , sulfuric acid concentration is determined in the case of iron powder and the amount of the feldspar proportional to the weight of sulfuric acid was added , the acid completely get rid of ferric oxide and iron oxide , ferrous sulfate solution was separated to obtain potassium feldspar powder

8 feldspar powder sieving : feldspar powder into the 20-200 mesh sieve , sieve material is less than 0.24% of the iron content of the finished product .

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