How rational allocation of sand and gravel production line?

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How rational allocation of sand and gravel production line?
How rational allocation of sand and gravel production line?
System of sand production line is becoming more and more can not be ignored in the role of life now, with the increasingly fierce market competition make the most of the companies in the “competition”. Cement industry through consolidation of sand and gravel aggregate, concrete, cement products, such as vertical integration is the development of the industry of the development of the inevitable trend. Sand and gravel used in construction have a long history, the development so far has become an essential part of modern construction engineering especially irreplaceable main aggregate, is for the country’s various economic development made a great contribution in relative obscurity. Sandstone is the main food intake, modern architecture, so to speak without sand, there would be no modern reinforced concrete buildings springing up, also does not have a wide range of excellent road, roadbed has been the emergence of some new building materials, from here also fully embodies the sand production line equipment and the development of machinery, sand making machine is especially rapid, can fully meet the production requirements of ballast, and further consolidate cement, concrete market.
How rational allocation of sand and gravel production line?
Shanghai XSM mechanical sand production line is a number of experts after years development the crystallization of the wisdom and the correct decision of mining machinery equipment, sand production line equipment is a kind of high efficient low consumption equipment with international advanced level, its performance in various mining fine broken equipment plays an irreplaceable role, sand production line is the most effective, practical and reliable crushing machine. This sand production line equipment is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum bauxite clinker, carborundum, glass raw material, the mechanism of building sand, stone and various kinds of metallurgical slag, and other industries. Especially for silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, sand jof hard, hard and abrasive wear resistance materials is higher than other types of crusher production effect. In the field of engineering, is a mechanism sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate ideal production equipment. In addition to achieve maximum output, then need to configure more productive application of production line, make the equipment best kinetic energy, crusher and sand making machine has its best and broken mechanism, reasonable configuration of the different types of crusher equipment, not only will not increase energy consumption, it will get higher yields and the production efficiency, low energy consumption to meet the requirements of application of the market.

In different sand production, sand production line there is no uniform standard, need according to production requirements, the production process, material hardness is equipped with corresponding sand production line equipment. When the material hardness does not exceed 320 mpa, the most suitable using secondary sand production line process. Such as granite, basalt, etc all apply the secondary crushing process, the production process is: the stone by vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher broken, for the first time after jaw crusher broken material have conveyor transfer to the secondary crusher for secondary crushing, the crusher equipment of this process may choose to counterattack crusher, impact type sand making machine. After the second broken material into the sieve screening out meets the requirements of the rocks. Shanghai XSM mechanical sand making machine sand production mechanism of series equipment, sand production line, sand washing machine, sand making equipment, reasonable price, reliable performance, the system of artificial sand is the preferred equipment.

When the material hardness does not exceed 150 mpa, the hardness of the material without using secondary crushing. In general is a forming, and then by the vibrating screen screening out finished products. The main equipment are: vibrating feeder, efficient composite crusher (i.e. combined crusher, can cut large pieces of material through the unique design, a desired particle size, generally for the hammer crusher), vibrating screen, the finished stone, intermediate transfer belt conveyor materials. Different hardness of the material choice of different sand production line can save costs, reduce unnecessary waste.

Since ancient times, rational allocation of resources is the key to the reasonable arrangement of production factors, the mining machinery industry, of course, also want to comply with this truth, reasonable configuration not only won’t cause problems in production, the reasonable collocation is to save energy, the most effective measures to improve the production, recently published about sand production line is reasonable configuration brought benefits to the customer, only the reasonable configuration of sand production line equipment, can greatly reduce the cost to customers, to achieve high yield and low energy production, truly.

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