Impact crusher and hammer crusher counterattack Application

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Impact crusher and hammer crusher counterattack Application
Impact crusher and hammer crusher counterattack Application

With the gradual development of the probe into the reform process , infrastructure and road projects , and promote the need for concrete aggregates and cement and other building materials , and to a higher standard .

For concrete aggregate , foreign research data shows that a cube of material in the production of concrete compressive strength can be saved in the same amount of cement ; while the same amount of cement to improve the strength of concrete and density .

Impact crusher in the process of selective crushing impact of the material has the ability to make than other types of crusher crushing products with more cubic content , but also has the characteristics of big crushing ratio , simplified crushing process , and thus has been rapid development in the crushing industry, has been widely used in various related industries.

First, the impact crusher

The so-called impact crusher is the object in the free state and broken by the impact force , and selective fragmentation along its weakest part of the natural fissures, bedding planes , joints noodles. It is different from the objects under the hammer crusher binding force hit the state , as shown, but also with other cut, economic pressure , grinding crushing different 4 , and thus the lowest energy consumption in the crushing process, and because of its ability to selectively broken play monomer separation of useful minerals and get action more cubic products.

The impact of the application of the principle of impact crusher is the use of high-speed rotation of the hammer on the material gives a high-speed impact of the crushing chamber , the occurrence of the material impact crusher , impact and make a gob after a high speed toward the back plate , the material in the subject after impact crusher again , and from the back plate hammer blow bounce area above the crushing process is repeated , and the material in the back and forth between the hammer and the back plate , there is also the role of the collision impact each other . When the particle size is smaller than the gap between the broken hammer and the back plate , it is discharged from the lower part of the machine is broken products.

With the increase mining capacity , after extractive material block size is increasing, while the single- rotor impact crusher due to its rational structure and other factors limit the increase in feed particle size , so the development of a dual-rotor impact crusher . In order to enhance the role of the second rotor height and has developed a set of dual-rotor impact crusher , hammer wear according to the relationship between energy consumption and the line speed of the rotor , the first at a lower rate on coarse crushed material , and the second rotor at high speed on the material in the crushing , crushing ratio improved .

Vertical impact crusher is conducted on behalf of the material impact crusher crushing aspects of use. We know that the wear of the hammer rotary hammer with the line speed to improve the non-linear growth, while crushing the high linear velocity of the hammer , the lighter material can not enter the relative quality of the high-speed rotary hammer effectively combat area ( just at the maximum line speed range ) , resulting in increased fragmentation effect is reduced and hammer wear. Center vertical impact crusher used in feeding mode , to speed into the back of the starting materials close to zero , and gradually accelerated projectile carried out from the rotor body impact crusher , impact crusher improve the effectiveness and reduce the vulnerability of wear . This crusher has evolved into a mechanical and self lined two categories.

As mentioned above , the impact crusher exist in the actual use of the material is uneven, and easy “run chunks “, the counterattack hammer crusher will enable these problems solved.

Material from the inlet to feed the human machine , hammer into the work area by the impact of high-speed rotary hammer and broken , while the high-speed crash in Youyi material is further broken back plate and bounced back from a back plate hammer head workspace, continue repeating the crushing process , and ultimately into the hammering zone ( between the hammer and grate the work area ) , and further action by the hammering and grinding hammer on the grate . Practice has proved that the material is not fully broken rotor one cycle , but to go through several cycles before they get fully broken. Bulk material may not get the full impact of the process of fragmentation . Can get crushed by rolling back the role of the disk between the plate and hammer , this effect has been confirmed by actual experiment (in the case of no grate , its biggest product particle size does not exceed the hammer plate and the back plate of the size of the gap ) .
Impact crusher and hammer crusher counterattack Application
Third, the counterattack hammer crusher structure type

Counterattack hammer crusher is mainly composed of four parts of the body , rotor, grate body and transmission components. Here most of these were for a brief four .

3.1 body

Its main function is to support the rotor and the grate of the body to achieve the broken material and ensure the crushing chamber large enough so that the material can be fully broken. In addition , in order to prevent wear and tear on the body of the inner wall materials , easy to wear on the inner wall of the body are covered with liner. Should be able to open the back plate to the appropriate position ( small size machine back plate opening and closing the crane to complete, large-size machine through a hydraulic system to complete ) , and other easy replacement back liner liner . You can replace the hammer after opening the cover. In addition , open access door can be removed to replace the body grate grate . Open the door to check the wear observed hammer and grate of the gap size and hammer .

3.2 Transmission

Its function is sub Yu movement torque , acceleration torque rotor . Usually V-belt drive: winding motor – pulley and rotor . This transmission mode to get a higher starting torque in a small startup current, vibration generated when the absorption of the crusher work , there is a certain carrying capacity and overload . Pulley expansion sets are used to connect , easy handling, with overload protection role . Moreover, the role of large pulley on the rotor wheel and took off , to ensure the role of the hammer plate and roll back plate between .

3.3 Rotor

The rotor is the main tool for the crushing machine , arranged in the form of general structure type and hammer .

3.4 grate body

Grate of the body is a material to withstand hammering the carrier , but it is also the material discharged product size constraints body . It has a grate plate and grate two structures , the latter through the sieve was significantly higher than the former , more widely adopted .

Placement and design of the structure counterattack counterattack lining board mainly based on the principle counterattack hammer crusher , to ensure that the effect roll back plate and the back plate collision effects between the plate and hammer . At home and abroad in the same type of machine is located above the grate of the back plate has a convex body part Q, K due to the width of the upper edge of the grate of the body above the grate of the support plate , in direct contact with the material , easy to wear. To reduce wear and tear. Increase in the convex part of the counter- liner Q, that part of the board exactly aligned with the edge of the supporting portion , the main protective effect of our company designed grate structure due to the above structure is different, so the company’s counterattack liner no convex portion Q, thereby simplifying the casting process , reduces the cost.

Fourth, the counterattack hammer crusher main operating parameters to determine

Counterattack hammer crusher main working parameters including line speed, yield and motor power .

4.1 line speed

Hammer mill line speed according to the nature of the material , the crushing ratio requirements of the machine structure and other factors , and considering the wear of the selected hammer .

Improve line speeds , increasing the impact velocity , increasing the chance of hit material , helps to get a finer granularity , increase production capacity. But high line speed has hindered the material into the hammer effectively combat zone , so that the role of sleep head material is cut to more bi! Status , increasing the hammer wear , reducing the utilization of energy.

Reduce line speed can reduce the hammer wear , but also increases the chances of the material in contact with the plate hammer , hammer increase the wear plate . Line speed selection is a process of comprehensive consideration. It is limited in view of hammering and grinding , cutting action between the hammer and the grate of the body , the line speed in the 30 ^-40m / s between selected is more appropriate .

4.2 Yield

Many factors affect production , such as : requirements for crushing ratio , the speed of the selected form the structure of the physical properties of materials, particle size distribution , the machine , and so on .

4.3 Motor Power

In addition to considering the power to determine the nature of the material , crushing ratio , processing capacity and other factors , we must also consider the impact of the hammer when the start-up phase asymmetric rotor moment of inertia of a large body of power . In addition , given the power to take a hammer impact crusher can meet consumption requirements quickly complete the final portion of the energy recovery .

Fifth, the counterattack hammer crusher parameters determine the basic structure

5.1 the diameter and length of the rotor body

Diameter and maximum feed size related to the rotor body . In accordance with the principle of impact , feeding proportional to the mass of the particle size of the hammer , and the hammer effectively combat the height ( ie the height of the rotor body exposed hammer ) are closely related. In addition, taking into account also the presence counterattack hammer crusher work process must roll when the role of anger must have sufficient amount of rotation , which requires the diameter of the rotor body with feed particle size increases.

Typically, the ratio of the diameter and maximum feed size of the rotor body 2 ^ -4, take small mainframe . The length of the rotor is taken according to the size of a given production capacity .

5.2 Hammerhead

a. hammerhead hammerhead shape and the height h of the rotor body is exposed .

Design, the face of the hammer should in principle by the rotation axis of the rotor shown in Figure 14 , the material in order to achieve a positive impact hammer . Taking into account the weight limits compensation or hammer wear , can be slightly biased. Hammerhead ends of the circular surface of the design should consider introducing bite angle a, shown in Figure 14 . Recommended paper is a 5- 100 . Too large bite angle so that the hammer premature wear and reduce the life of the hammer . The arc length of the hammer shaft is mainly based on different diameters corresponding to the weight of the hammer and the strength required to take a given thick suspension arm . Strength assessment hammer shaft and suspension arm can hammer in working condition at the time of the forces balance calculations , and centrifugal force hammer at work as checking the load carried .

Height h exposed hammer rotor body that is highly effective in combating the hammer . From the perspective of shock effects and hope h large capacity , especially for bulk materials , to achieve the desired impact , h inevitably large, theoretically if the impact force against the gob just by gravity feed block. The best impact . Taking into account the structural design is reasonable , and the power consumption increases, the person must be appropriately increased . At the same time people can not be too small, too small hammer h increased the cutting abrasive materials increases , not only affects the handling capacity of the crusher hammer exacerbated wear .

VI Conclusion

Impact hammer rock breaking machine due to the combination of hammer crusher crushing principle of structure and impact crusher with high crushing ratio and uniform particle size. The company designed and manufactured counterattack hammer crusher types on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign counterattack hammer crusher on the design of a new rotor and grate structure, so that the hammer in the longitudinal direction of the whole length of the rotor participation blow, increased production capacity , compared to the same German company O & K models , production increased by about 30 %. Meanwhile, grate the unique structure not only guarantee the performance of the structure and reduces the processing requirements of the process , improve the utilization of grate bars , extending the life of grate , greatly reducing the cost of the machine and spare parts , in performance and price can replace similar foreign products in the domestic leading position.

Counterattack hammer crusher due to the consolidation of the hammer crusher crushing principle of structure and impact crusher with high crushing ratio and uniform particle size. On the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign types counterattack hammer crusher on the design of a new rotor and grate structure, so that the longitudinal direction of the rotor hammer full length involved in combating , increased production capacity , and the German O & K companies with model comparison , production increased by about 30 %. Meanwhile, grate the unique structure not only guarantee the performance of the structure and reduces the processing requirements of the process , improve the utilization of grate bars , extending the life of grate , greatly reducing the cost of the machine and spare parts , in performance and price can replace similar foreign products in the domestic leading position.

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