Impact crusher in cement grinding system

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Impact crusher in cement grinding system
Impact crusher in cement grinding system
As the demand for cement in building industry in recent years more and more big, the cement industry rapid development, also to drive the impingement in sand production line application of sand making machine.

In cement grinding production, into the grain size of grinding material directly affect the quality of mill production. How to improve the quality of mill production, reduce the unit energy consumption and cost, improve efficiency, has become a major topic in today’s cement industry.

Shrink into the grinding particle size is one of the most effective way, namely in the mill before adding primary crushing equipment, for secondary or tertiary crushing into the grinding material. At present, there are many different kinds of crusher performance every manufacturer to use the experience of different with different phase. Cement grinding due to grinding particle size is big. Make it difficult to improve the grinding machine is used in production. So when considering technological upgrading, by inspecting demonstration for many times, sure to add a impact crusher (impactor sand making machine).
cement grinding system
Impact crusher (sand making machine) as the main equipment of primary crushing technology has been successfully applied to the system of raw material grinding, have played an important role in production and energy saving. But there are a number of cement plants use effect is not ideal, mainly displays in the plate hammer, liner wear serious, failed to meet the design requirements and raymond mill production effect is not obvious. The cement grinding system USES vertical impact crusher preliminary broken process thinking and the direction is correct, many cement plants is not the main reason for the success of the impact crusher (sand making machine) primary crushing process design is not reasonable and cement grinding system caused by wrong selecting technological parameters.

The cement grinding using vertical impact crusher preliminary broken process generally installed in a cement grinding head, this positioning into the crusher is contained in the high temperature of the clinker and slag iron valve, the above two factors hammer crusher plate and liner wear serious cause its change frequently, caused many manufacturers don’t think using the process economy.

Shanghai XSM mechanical impact crusher (sand making machine) is a special equipment for cement grinding pre grinding, high investment sheng production, power saving effect is remarkable, maintenance is convenient wait for a significant characteristic. Effectively improve the grinding operation conditions, which can greatly decrease the broken tube mill a storehouse function, strengthen two storehouse grinding function, increase mill production by 20% ~ 30%, reduce the power consumption of about 4 KWH of tons of cement grinding.

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