Inversed impact crusher crushing effect how?

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Inversed impact crusher crushing effect how?
Inversed impact crusher crushing effect how?
1. inversed impact crusher can be effective treatment of materials containing large amounts of moisture and prevent the blockage of Crusher

In dealing with the moisture content is too high, impact crusher feed chute and counterattack can be equipped with a heating device to prevent bonding of material. Not shall be equipped with extraction plate of inversed impact crusher can effectively prevent the clogging. But hammer Crusher cannot adopt heating method to prevent bonding of material, and shall be equipped with extraction plate, increase the likelihood of blocking.

2. inversed impact crusher is suitable for soft materials also applies to very large hardness of materials

Flat hammer of inversed impact crusher with mechanical clamping structure firmly fixed on the rotor, when combined with the rotation of the rotor has a larger moment of inertia. Compared with hammer Crusher (hammer was hanging State), rotor of inversed impact crusher has the greater momentum, adapted to crushing hard materials, were also lower energy consumption.

3. inversed impact crusher can be flexibly adjusted the size and wide adjustment range
Inversed impact crusher crushing effect how?
Inversed impact crusher can be adjusted in many ways discharging granularity, such as adjusting rotor speed, adjust the counterattack and grinding Chamber gap and so on. Clearance adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, hydraulic governing system can be conveniently done through in-place operation button or remote control system clearance adjustment. Hammer Crusher adjusts the size of material can only be achieved through changing extraction plate.

4. inversed impact crusher wear wearing parts than hammer crusher is small, high utilization rate of metals

Inversed impact crusher flat hammer of wear appears on the material side only. When the rotor speed is normal, feed will fall to the Board hammer surface (face), the hammer back and flanks are not to be worn. Even looking material this side of the wear is very small. And bottom grinding rod is also very easy to replace. Inversed impact crusher flat hammer metal utilization ratio can be as high as 45%-48%. Hammer Crusher hammer was hanging State, wear occurs at the top, front, back and sides, relative to the plate hammer, hammer wear and tear is more serious, hammer metal utilization amounted to only about 25%. And the rotor body itself may also be worn. Sieve-plate at the bottom of hammer Crusher wear seriously grille to change all, and replace the sieve work is complex.

5. inversed impact crusher spare parts replacement simple and maintenance costs reduced

6 is only installed on the rotor impact hammer Crusher flat hammer, special tools can be easily Board hammer replacement, replace the set of flat hammer of just one shift time. Bottom grinding Chamber grinding rod replacement also requires only ten minutes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of repair and maintenance. Hammer Crusher hammer up to more than 100 more than replacing a hammer spends a lot of time and Manpower, higher repair and maintenance costs. Bottom sieve-plate replacement and its troubles.

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