ore crushing production line equipment

Shanghai XSM is a professional mining equipment manufacturing company, we produce all types of ore mineral crusher, mill, sand making machine, mobile crushing plant, mineral processing and other equipment, the main products are jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher, Raymond mill, ball mill, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, flotation machine, magnetic separator, etc. according to our customer's actual demand for customized products, design and production line layout, cost savings for customers to get more benefits.

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Iron-ore crusher, ore crushing production line equipment
ore crushing production line equipment
Infrastructure development, China’s current stage is powerful. Construction, house building is inseparable from the use of high speed steel. Which led to the exploitation of iron ore in the country is very hot situation. Iron ore mining to crusher, sand making machine and other mining equipment. Therefore, in using these devices, and what kind of things we need to pay more attention to the process? Next, I simply give you some other preventive measures, iron-ore Crusher.

Iron-ore Crusher safety steps and considerations:

Before starting the preparations:

1, check the control power supply is normal, the power switch or without damage.

2, check the mechanical parts all parts intact, especially in high-speed hammer and other parts.

3, check all parts of the ground screw is tightly secured, especially steel mills must be firmly at the base.

Iron-ore Crusher working process:

1, after the check is complete, start the motor to move the load operation 2-3 minutes to confirm that under normal conditions of various parts of the technology, only the load operation is normal speed.

2 operation, there should be no noise and a fricative; should try to enhance iron ore crushing of chance damage non-breaking (drill first) into the crushing cavity, causing parking accidents, so the breakers should be installed iron remover.

Three of their work, such as abnormal noise, bearings or the engine to overheat, feeding should be stopped, stop checking, troubleshooting. When the material handling, bulk ore paid attention to the broken chunks of space easily squeezed out, to prevent personal injury or damage to the equipment;

4, operators of clothes during operation, fixed the sleeves from nearby factories should be wearing a helmet and goggles; sticky substance in operation very easy to plug the broken spaces, parking in the plug failure should not be poke mine ban and limbs close to the body, and outlet, so as not to hurt the rebound.

After work, iron-ore Crusher:

At the end, after the cessation of feeding, do not stop immediately, the idle speed 2-3 so that all substances, it should be after each part of the machine and remove residual material decline, prohibited to go wipe the cover tarp good for safe keeping. Strengthening inspections of equipment lubrication equipment to refuel on time, keep the equipment well lubricated.

In a complete iron ore crushing production line, apart from the crushers are used, there are also some mining equipment is required, such as vibrating feeder, milling machines, sand washing machine, and so on. According to the customer’s specific requirements, we can help customers design most reasonable lines.

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