Sand Gold Processing Equipment For Sale

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Sand Gold Processing Equipment For Sale
Sand Gold Processing Equipment For Sale

Sand gold processing equipment principle is to maximize the recovery of gold by gravity separation from the original ores and its associated variety of heavy minerals , followed by re-election , flotation, amalgamation , magnetic and electrostatic election and other joint operations will gold and a variety of heavy minerals separated from each other in order to achieve comprehensive recovery purposes, Gold placer sorting is generally divided into crushing and screening , sorting off the mud and other processes .

First, the crushing and screening

Many contain cemented sand gold mud pie , and some of its particle size greater than 100 mm, this mud pie , if not crushing , screening process will be excluded together with waste rock , resulting in the loss of gold . In addition , on the clay but also cemented gravel or pebbles, if not crushing losses have gold in the screening process.
Sand Gold Processing Equipment For Sale
Second, Des

Gold placer material is less than 0.1 mm is generally free of gold or gold minimal. Less than 0.1 mm gold commonly known as floating gold , difficult recovery in sand gold processing equipment sorting process, while the same level of slime Quedui grain sorting process , particularly mechanical sorting process from interference . So, in the gold placer mechanical plant , always trying to be less than 0.1 mm slime off. Commonly used on production equipment for the removal of mud off the mud bucket and specifications . The chute allows the material with gold grain size width and processing capacity, thus sorting chute do not take off until the mud .

Third, sorting

Practice has proved that the re-election law dealing with gold placer most effective and economical way . Due to the different grain size gold placer gold , and a variety of effective grain size limits re-election materials handling equipment is different , so a reasonable gold placer sorting process should be a joint operation of several re-election equipment.Crude excerpts drawn gold concentrate gold grade 100 g / t , heavy minerals than 1 to 2 kg / ton, for processing gold ore coarse There are three methods:

with gold plate artificial winnowed out after heavy gold grains of sand dropped ;carried out by the amalgamation amalgamation barrel , after obtaining heavy sand abandoned mercury ointment ;or mixed with artificial mercury to extract gold panning , gold placer concentrate send sand processing plant processing equipment selection , a variety of heavy minerals were recovered by magnetic separation, electrostatic separation methods.

Sand Gold Processing Equipment For Sale by Shanghai XSM!

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