Stone production line process of inversed impact crusher

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Stone production line process of inversed impact crusher
Stone production line process of inversed impact crusher
Stone line, first road processes by vibration to material machine supply to e type broken machine, then immediately is counterattack type broken machine, in here e type broken machine by up to of role is put chunks material broken zhihou entered counterattack type broken machine in the, reached customer by needs of 20-60 Zhijian of particles, using high-speed rotating of rotor Shang of Board hammer, on into broken cavity within of material produced high-speed impact and broken, and makes has broken of material along tangent direction to high-speed throwing to broken cavity another end of counterattack Board, again was broken, And then rebound from the impact plate to plate hammer, continue to repeat the process.
Stone production line process of inversed impact crusher
Whether in the sand making production line, stone production line, our aim is to ensure that the impact crusher, Jaw Crusher operating correctly, in order to prolong the service life of crushers, we must use the process of inversed impact crusher for periodic inspection and maintenance, which is essential operations. I factory on various broken machine equipment in factory Qian has do has long time of idling, to reduced in future using process in the fault appeared, we customer in new machine production run Shi, each class produced run finished zhihou must on counterattack type broken machine, for full of check, each parts intensified, and belt drive whether normal, and lining Board of wear situation has a full of understanding, has cyclical, and timing sex of check.

Buy inversed impact crusher at the same time, we want to know what is a wearing part, for crushing big material in the course will wear linings, counterattack, and must follow the principles in the replacement procedure, first open the rear shelves, shelves and Cabinet after remove the bolt, then use spanner to the hex part of the clamshell device, and last opened gently. In the meantime, hanging hanging device above the rack can be used in the future. Repeat the process, close the rear shelves. Counter broken hammer and wear to a certain extent be adjusted or replaced, to avoid damage of fasteners and other parts, resulting in even greater losses.

Jaw Crusher, impact crusher play an important role in breaking in stone production line, before the problem does not occur, must carefully check be discounted along so as not to lose, resulting in normal operation.

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