Used Gold Processing Equipment For Sale

Shanghai XSM is a professional mining equipment manufacturing company, we produce all types of ore mineral crusher, mill, sand making machine, mobile crushing plant, mineral processing and other equipment, the main products are jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher, Raymond mill, ball mill, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, flotation machine, magnetic separator, etc. according to our customer's actual demand for customized products, design and production line layout, cost savings for customers to get more benefits.

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Used Gold Processing Equipment For Sale

Gold mining: mining of the main types of gold deposits in two broad categories: one is the vein gold, deposits mostly in mountain areas, by force geological formation, known as Gold Mine gold ore, endogenous gold; The other is the gold placer, because of gold out of the ground, after a long-term weathering and erosion, broken into gold nuggets, gold piece, gold foam, and through wind, water and other handling role, under the action of water sorting gathered, deposited on the riverfront, lake, coast formed alluvial, fluvial or coastal sand-type gold deposits. In addition, there is a associated gold, its gold content is low, often in the course of non-ferrous metal mines to be recovered and comprehensive utilization.
Used Gold Processing Equipment For Sale
Gold ore processing equipment

Gold processing equipment is an important and safety part of mine production, its safety performance directly affects good production safety and the safety of working people, the application of principal component analysis for mineral processing equipment safety comprehensive analysis of the reaction can complete the comprehensive processing equipment conditions, including selection of dried gold grading, packaging and other processes ore, gold ore, when we take into account the grade of ore, density, concentration, and the surrounding environment, with a gold ore processing equipment, and other factors. Of course, gold beneficiation process is also very important, a good process can reduce the number of complex processes. Gold mining raw materials, carefully selected, will eventually be sent to concentrate libraries. Gold processing equipment concentrates library designed for dual cross, size design is generally 33m * 300m, each cross design 3 20 tons of Grab Crane, concentrates through beneficiation equipment for conveyor belt conveyor belt concentrates library and then sent to the ingredients warehouse, quartz sand, gold, blowing slag concentrates into a library, gold ore processing equipment database storage capacity of 140,000 tons. Gold concentrate ingredients, generally is gold, quartz sand, slag concentrate and slag blowing into a library ingredient concentrate compartment, and then pre-set according to the central control room, weigh feeding speed detection, thereby controlling the speed of the feed belt.
Used Gold Processing Equipment For Sale
Gold ore processing equipment mainly includes crushing equipment (jaw crusher, cone crusher), grinding equipment ( high efficiency ball mill ), grading machine, mixing bucket, chute, flotation machine and so on.

Gold beneficiation process

The current mainstream with gold craft, generally through beneficiation equipment ( crusher equipment : jaw crusher cone crusher ) crushing, then into gold processing equipment ( high efficiency cone ball mill ) crushed, and then mixing drum chute grading machine flotation machine other equipment processed through the re-election, flotation, concentrate and tailings extracted and then applied pharmaceutical processing by chemical methods, and finally through smelting, its products eventually become finished gold.

Gold beneficiation process is understood as follows: for the first paragraph of broken ore entering the double vibrating sieve, and then broken through the upper product together with the product for the second paragraph and middle crushing, second paragraph broken broken products back merger products and sieved.

After sifting through the first paragraph of the final product and the ball mill for grinding and classification constitutes a closed-circuit grinding mechanism, and its classification by the cyclone overflow into the second grade regrind ball mill, and then with closed-circuit grinding cyclone constitute.

First cyclone overflow for flotation, and its foam products for the second choice, third choice eventually become concentrate products, the first flotation tailings after a roughing, once selected, the second selection three times selected, a sweeping election of the sorting process, a selection of tailings with a sweeping election foam products together into the cyclone re-grading, re-sorting, the second choice with a selection of closed form sorting, selection and second selection constitute three closed- sorting.

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