Zambia Copper Ore Beneficiation Plants Suppliers

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Zambia Copper Ore Beneficiation Plants Suppliers

Zambian copper resource distribution

Copper is Zambia’s most important mineral resources, occupies an important position in the world. 2006 reserves of 19 million tons (reserve base of 35 million tons), accounting for 4.0% of the world’s total reserves, out of 10 countries in the world. Mainly sedimentary oxide or sulfide copper deposits, concentrated in the north-central Zambia Zambian copper belt. The band of about 200 to 250 km and a width of 65 km, an area of ​​about 50,000 square kilometers. Copper belt significantly affected by Carver complex anticline control. Deposit in the wings in a chain anticline 30 kilometers apart along two NW-trending parallel line distribution. Have been identified seven major stratabound and two relatively small number of stratabound. Anticline on the north east wing main Mufulira (Mufulira), Bu Wana. Mukubuwa other deposits; Nancy wing main Konkola (Konkola), Nchanga (Nchanga), Chambishi (Chambishi), Ba Luba (Baluba), Qibuluma (Chibuluma), nkana (Nkana) and Luanshya and so on.
Zambia Copper Ore Beneficiation Plants Suppliers
Copper beneficiation process and major equipment configuration

Mine ore beneficiation process generally a broken → → → hopper → Sec broken feed milling → ​​Classification → → → then flotation flotation concentrate sample → Principles single metal flotation process flotation principle of a single metal selection process, the main depends useful minerals in the ore dissemination size properties.

Copper, lead, zinc, iron sulfide polymetallic ore, which is generally the first flotation process flotation copper and lead, for copper and lead separation, flotation tailings for copper and lead, zinc sulfide flotation separation of zinc and sulfur, or followed by flotation of zinc and sulfur have zinc concentrates, sulfur concentrate. Some ore minerals can be used Flotability priority use of selective flotation elect has dissociated parts of the fossil, and then mixed flotation, flotation separation. Process has regrinding process, depending on the mineral dissociation circumstances.
Zambia Copper Ore Beneficiation Plants Suppliers
Copper oxide and mixed copper processing

Flotation. They may be divided into different technical solutions:

(1) sulfide flotation. Plus curing agent to cure oxide ore, and then use ordinary copper sulfide flotation flotation prescription. This method is suitable for treatment with malachite, azurite, atacamite main ore, more commonly used.

(2) fatty acid flotation. With a fatty acid as collector for flotation, usually also add sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, and phosphate as inhibitors and gangue slurry modifier.

(3) amine flotation. With amines as collector for flotation, applies to the handling malachite, azurite, chlorine, copper, etc., containing more than slime gangue inhibitor should be added; inhibitors invalid if general, the choice of seaweed powder, cellulose, lignin sulfonate or lignin sulfonate, such as polyacrylic acid gangue inhibitors.

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